A view of a restaurant with two rows of many tables in the distance all set for dining in an elegant restaurant with lamps on each table, pillars in the middle of the room and comfortable chairs as well as soft lights. At the bottom of the image is the text that reads restaurants. At the top is the profitMax Chemical Logo and the tagline that reads environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions.
A Blue border around three front loading large washing machines with the text laundries as well as the ProfitMax Chemical logo, font and the website below it that reads ProfitMaxChemical.com
A square image with a green border about it a black background. Inside the border in the lower right corner is the text supermarkets. In the upper right corner is the ProfitMax Logo with the green P and the leaf inside of it with the text below it that reads ProfitMax Chemical and a line underneath that followed by the text Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning Solutions. To the let side is a tan grocery bag filled with a loaf of bread, tomatoes, canned goods and a lemon. At the bottom and outside of the bag are peas, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, garlic, broccoli, some cherry tomatoes, red peppers, green peppers and an avocado.

About us and an Overview.

As a 20 year established company of training, educating and sales in the cleaning industry, ProfitMax Chemical offers an ongoing array of environmentally sensitive products and services. For most, cleaning is a part of everyday life at home and in business. By helping to educate and serve, ProfitMax Chemical is able to address and assist in a number of areas.
For many, cleaning can be confusing, expensive, and even dangerous at times. Such questions arise as…
  • Do I go completely green with my clean and should I use chemicals at all?
  • Are those chemical cleaners safe for my employees and customers?
  • Can I combine products for a greater result and how diluted should they be?
  • How hot does the water really need to be?
  • What are the effects on my skin, my eyes and my nose?
  • Do I need to open windows and do I need wear gloves?
  • And what is fact and what is opinion surrounding chemicals and cleaning?
When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing solutions, ProfitMax Chemical’s qualitative and quantitative Proof of Process centers around educating, selling and training on the products and the individualized applications.
Our Proof of Process takes into account:
  • Cost elements
  • Product specifications
  • Understanding the products
  • The time it takes to clean
  • Amount of product required to clean.
  • Employee Training modules
  • Management Education and Support.
  • Environmental Impact
ProfitMax Chemical is providing environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions. We are here for clients and friends on phone and on zoom as well as sharing news, videos, educational segments and numerous FAQ’s that might help you and your business. 

About Our Touch Points.

ProfitMax Chemicals promotes clean, inviting locations that can be sustained and maintained in a simple and time effective manner.

In addition to Supermarkets, Laundries, restaurants and kitchens, ProfitMax Chemical also serves Horticulture and Agriculture organizations, Hotels, Hospitals and Janitorial services, as well. 

When it comes to the products, We specialize in representing the established Sunburst Chemical Line

An image of four medical professionals with a light blue and white background that is blurred of a hospital in the background. In the upper right corner is a transparent white triangle with the text in the middle in a black font that reads hospitals. In the lower right corner is the ProfitMax Chemical logo with the green P and the text that reads ProfitMax Chemical. There are four professionals, two men and two women in the middle of the image. The man on the far right is off to the right in a lab coat with a tie and short hair smiling with half his face cut off. A woman is next to him in a blue scrub top with a stethoscope smiling with a pony tail and her hands in her scrubs. The man in the front of the image has a white lab coat, a smile on his face with his hands crossed wearing a sliver, white and blue striped tie with a stethoscope around his neck and dark brown hair. To the left is a woman who is slightly blurry in the image wearing a blue lab coat, smiling and also has a stethoscope around her neck.
A light blue sky to the right with the ProfitMax Chemical Logo P on the top of the image. To the right is the text that reads ProfitMax Chemical. Beneath it in a black text, it reads Horticulture and Agriculture. To the reft is an orange tree shows many oranges growing inside of numerous green leaves and branches.
A dark gray outline with a purple bar going across the bottom of the image with the logo and the typeset that read ProfitMax Chemical. Above it in large purple letters is the word hotels. In the center in an image of a bed in a hotel room. On the left side of the bed is a thin gold lamp stand with two lights. On the right side of the bed is a bedside table with a clock, a few books and a vase of flowers on it. Above the bed is a purple painting of mountains and the head board of the bed is gray. The back was is a darker gray and on the bed are two pillows with are purple and gray. With a pillow that is gray in the mingle. The sheets and the quality are also different shades of purple.
A gray background with the ProfitMax Chemical logo in the top as well as the text Kitchens below. Then three stacked images inside frames. The top one shows ladles hanging over an oven, The second shows pans sitting on a shelf and the third shows two chefs cooking in a kitchen.

About the Team at ProfitMax Chemical.

An image of Tim Bluhm with a dark background. Tim is wearing a blue shirt and wearing glasses in this picture.

Tim Bluhm

VP of Sales and Service at ProfitMax Chemical.

An image of Brian Bluhm smiling in a plaid shirt in a black and white headshot


Founder and President of ProfitMax Chemical and World Wide Business Solutions of Abilene.

An image of Conagher Bluhm in a black shirt smiling with glasses.

Conagher Bluhm

Primary Chemical Technician, Installation & Education at ProfitMax Chemical.