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About the Intellectual Property Policy

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Intellectual Property Policy: Using Our Copyright Material

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“We may not get everything right, but at least we can do what we say we are going to do”
– Brian Bluhm, ProfitMax Chemical President and Founder.
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Intellectual Property Policy: Requests to Use Copyright Material

The ProfitMax Chemical Website may incorporate third party content and we would be unable to grant permission for you to use any such third-party content. Please contact the appropriate third party for permission to use their content.

If you are seeking permission to use any Copyright Materials other than as expressly permitted by this copyright notice, please contact us at (email: service (at) and we will request relevant information to allow us to review the request. If your request is approved, that approval will be subject to specified terms set out in such grant and you may be required to execute a license or other agreement prior to use of such Copyright Materials.

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