How do you maintain a Sunburst Chemicals Trap Tender Dispenser? A ProfitMax Chemical Trap Tender FAQ about the proper care and use of one.

The job of a Sunburst ChemicalsTrap Tender Dispenser is to tend to your grease trap.

It does that by spraying the Biozyme drain treatment down the drain every night around midnight.

It does this so that the digestions inside the Biozyme have time to work on all the greases, proteins, fats and hairs and other stuff that get down there and clears out the pipe so that you don’t have to have a plumber come out and rotate it manually.

Maintaining a Sunburst Chemicals Trap Tender Dispenser is simple.

You only have two jobs to do.

One is to make sure that there is a capsule full of Biozyme on top of the machine at all times.

Two is that if the low battery light is flashing, then you call for maintenance to change the battery. That is not your job and you do not have to worry about it.

Thats it and thats how you maintain a Trap Tender Dispenser. Here is a video explaining the process.