Sunburst Chemicals Training Blog and Video for Trap Tender Maintenance for the drain treatment system from ProfitMax Chemical’s Conagher Bluhm

Sunburst Chemicals Training Blog and Video about the Trap Tender.

Most of the time, the Trap Tender, the small gray box with the button on the front will inform you when it’s broken, there will be a small light right above the button that will begin flashing in case of malfunction in the microchip or more frequently, a low battery.

Do note that when that low battery runs out, it will die and it will go blank, but it’s usually easy to test out.

Pushing Buttons or pressing buttons? It can be a good thing at times.

You press the button, if nothing happens, it’s time to call for service. Otherwise, same rules applies most of the time, just keep a fresh capsule of Biozyme drain treatment on top of it. And you don’t have to worry about anything else.

If you see the warning light flashing the front of the Trap Tender, that’s an indication that it’s time to call for maintenance, whether it be a battery issue, a mother board issue or the solenoid going, that’s the time when ProfitMax Chemical is happy to come out and take care of whatever issue you may be happening.

Sunburst Chemicals Training Blog Simple and Sweet,.

If your Trap tender drain treatment unit is malfunctioning normally indicated by either a light flashing on the front of the machine or it not working when you press the button, that’s not your problem nor concern.

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