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So, what is a Master Blaster dispenser from Sunburst Chemicals?

The Master Blaster is the primary spray unit provided by Sunburst Chemicals. This large metal box is mounted on the wall where it can be easily used to hose down whatever department you may be cleaning.

It sports two bowls, allowing it to utilize both degreaser and sanitizer simultaneously, and its 50-foot hose can reach all corners of even the most expansive departments.

Said hose can also be extended in extenuating situations.

As the spray unit, it serves as the central tool for cleaning and sanitizing most large food preparation departments. Due to its high water output, it can only be installed in departments with floor drains.

In its primary function, the Master Blaster is used for spraying off equipment, floors, and tables. Its intuitive controls allow the user to switch between straight water, degreaser, and sanitizer easily making the cleaning process simple and straightforward.

Instructional signage is provided with all dispensers and the actual method of cleaning allows for some leeway with personal preference.

For example, many stores opt to leave sanitizer on the floor overnight to better prevent bugs and other crawling contaminants, while others prefer to rinse it off after use.

However one chooses to utilize the dispenser it will serve to clean a department in its entirety.

The Master Blaster also has a number of flex uses. In the event that the three-bin dispensers become disabled, it’s a simple process to simply use the spray gun on the dishes rather than the conventional sink dispensers. The bowls in the Master Blaster are general-use so chemicals other than sanitizer or degreaser can be wielded in situations where that is useful.

What is a Master Blaster dispenser and what it isn’t.

While the Master Blaster is an applicator, not a power washer, its heavy-duty spray gun does come in handy for bullying food debris out from awkward places.

This is different from the Vinyl Hoses on the trap tenders by the way. When it comes to using those and modifying vinyl hoses, we have a video on the Sunburst Chemicals Video Shorts Page

Its straightforward dispensing engine makes it handy for almost any situation one can imagine.

The Master Blaster will ultimately form the core of your cleaning arsenal in any department that utilizes a floor drain. While the three-bin sink is usually best served by the R2U dispensers the rest of the department is the Master Blaster’s domain.

It’s helpful to know the Master Blaster’s best use as it can be tempting to simply use it as an expensive water hose, but when properly utilized it can keep even the most awkward department clean and sanitized.

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What is a Master Blaster dispenser from Sunburst Chemicals?

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