World Food Safety Day and our ideas on optimal performance cleaning and sanitizing to support safer food, better health and stronger cleaning.
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World Food Safety Day…

“Safer food, better health” is this years theme for the 2022 World Food Safety Day. The goal is to highlight that safe, nutritional food plays a serious role in ensuring human health and well-being.  

Whether any of us grow, process, transport, store, sell, buy, prepare or serve food, food safety is in all our hands.

In 2018, The United Nations General Assembly established World Food Safety Day in hopes to raise awareness of this issue. 

Foodborne diseases affect a great deal of people worldwide each year. There are over 200 of these diseases and while some are mild, others can be deadly. 

At ProfitMax Chemical, we like to focus on the education and the training of those that are preparing, processing and in contact with food and the items used in that preparation. 

Our focus for this World Food Safety Day is on the grocery stores, supermarkets, cafeterias, restaurants and cafes. Places where food is prepared for sale or for consumption. More so, we dig into how the tools, trays, and items that come in contact with food are cleaned and sanitized for optimal safety and performance. 

From the correct methods when it comes…

to the cleaning and sanitizing every tool that is used…

to the right amounts of detergents and sanitizers…

to the preparation of the sinks that help to clean and sanitize…

And right through the washing, sanitizing and drying…  

Every step of cleaning from the preparation to the execution to the completion …

ProfitMax Chemical believes safety starts with the education to ensure the optimal performance in every step of the clean.


When every tool that touches or has touched food is cleaned in the right way by those that have a clear understanding of how to clean, then safer food and better health can be that much more possible in grocery stores, supermarkets, cafeterias, restaurants, cafes and beyond.

About Us at ProfitMax Chemical:

ProfitMax Chemical is an environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions company dedicated to helping supermarkets, laundries, restaurants and hotels with the cleaning solutions that may work best for them and providing the education on how to use the products and systems for the greatest results.

Our stewarding process offers cleaning and sanitizing solutions individualized for each business.

ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve as an endurance resource providing inviting and clean locations for all their customers.

Would you like us to review your stores layout, current products and training systems? We are happy to help in any way we can. Contact us here to set up a time to talk by phone, video or in person.

More about World Food Safety Day…

More can be found about World Food Safety Day on the World Health Organization’s website here.

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World Food Safety Day and our ideas on optimal performance cleaning and sanitizing.

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World Food Safety Day and our ideas on optimal performance cleaning and sanitizing.


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