Do you really need to train a dishwasher? A ProfitMax Chemical FAQ with a little bit of a football theme.
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Do you really need to train a dishwasher and football comparisons

A dishwasher provides an essential element for a restaurant as they provide clean dishes for patrons to eat from. Knowing how to properly scrap dish “wares”, load racks, check sanitizer levels and finally store clean wares properly provides the base for a clean, inviting plate of food.

Coming off the latest NFL conference championship playoff games, both the AFC and NFC championship games proved to be exciting and an educational exhibition of training to perform at the highest levels.  Both games came down to the final buzzer with the winner being announced as not only the best performer but also the team with the fewest mistakes at the most inopportune times while on the field of play.

Good training?

In all three phases of the football game, it was the AFC champion, Cincinnati Bengals who proved the most consistent in their win over the Kansas City Chiefs.  Over in the NFC championship game, it was the Los Angeles Rams who overcame the San Francisco 49ers by making the fewest mistakes under pressure to secure their place in playing the Bengals in the upcoming Super Bowl on February 13th.

All 32 teams comprising the National Football League began last spring with the expectation of being their best for the chance to go to the Super Bowl.  Only two teams made it to the end. Every facet and training exercise of each organization contributed to the opportunity to play in this year’s ultimate prize game.  From the highest paid to the least paid team member, one team will ultimately be crowned as the best and most overall prepared team. So in asking if you need to train on the field for football, how about do you really need to train a dishwasher in the food service industry?

And… in the food service world.

In the food service world, as in the football world, all parts of the organization strive to work more proficiently together as each member of the team continues to learn, understand, and then perform with improved speed, competence, and performance in both the routine and when under pressure. In food service, this is especially true of the one operating the dish machine.

Although most of the work is performed behind the scenes, there is a time to shine.

Referred to as the dish or ware washer, this individual provides an essential element for a restaurant or other food service area as they provide clean dishes for patrons to eat from. Knowing how to properly scrape dish “wares”, load dish racks, check sanitizer levels on the dish machine and finally store clean dishes or wares properly provides the basis for a clean, inviting plate of food.

So, do you really need to train a dish washer? If the dish or ware operator and their machine does not work properly at any step of the process, a crisis situation could be created effecting either preparation of food or customer presentation of food. A food service necessity for the worker, management, customer and health inspector is the essential training of the employee operating the dish machine and 3 compartment sink.

And are the sinks being used correctly?

Why is the shrimp in the sanitizer sink  and ensuring that nothing goes in that sink. This comes in to play and may be part of the dishwashers responsibility to look out for. Not just the machines and the dishes but also the sinks being used for the right reasons.

Educational instructions and proper training in governmental cleaning and sanitizing guidelines are needed for scraping all soiled plates and utensils, soaking of the wares, rinsing off the dishes or wares, confirming that all surfaces are clear of soil, and in the proper facing and correct positioning while loading the racks for sending them through the dish machine itself.

While the dish machine may be considered by some as a machine that washes off soil from dishes…

in all actuality, the dish machine is a sanitizing unit.

In commercial dish washing…

sanitization is a final and all important washing step prior to allowing all washed items to air dry.  Once air drying is complete, the properly cleaned and sanitized dishes are sorted and placed on shelving ready for use. We are going further into the training of dishwashers as well as others in the ProfitMax Chemical Podcast episodes. as well as the environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions that fit right for you and your needs.

A food service establishment may not be vying for a Super Bowl, but it is the continually improving dish washing process that contributes to a winning environment of cleanliness and order that sensitively allows for each patron a touchdown experience through enjoying their food.

So, do you really need to train a dishwasher?

Well, just as the referees keep order and monitor the actions in the Super Bowl, keeping the health inspector happy by properly cleaning and sanitizing dishes helps assure a winning environment for both customers and management alike.

This is was a ProfitMax Chemical FAQ. ProfitMax Chemical is a training and sales company distributing environmentally sensitive cleaning products and the education on how to use them. Our stewarding process offers cleaning and sanitizing solutions individualized for each business. ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve as an endurance resource providing inviting and clean locations for all their customers.

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Do you really need to train a dishwasher