Time Chemistry and Mechanical Action in cleaning? What? An Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning FAQ from ProfitMax Chemical serving Abilene, Texas and beyond.

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Time Chemistry and Mechanical Action in cleaning?

Is that all? I mean, is there another factor to consider?

The initial three mentioned are: “Chemistry”-how much and what kind of chemistry is needed to clean a soil; “Time”-how long does the chemistry need to stay or dwell on the soil; “Mechanical Action”-what kind of tool and/or “elbow grease” is needed to clean a certain soil type.

To go along with these three, there is one thing missing: “Temperature”. This regards the proper temperature for cleaning soil types.

So, think of cleaning as being a pie,

(a cherry pie stain might create a novel stain on a dress shirt…). But, no, think of the overall process of cleaning as a four-piece pie. Think as well as the pie shape as being round but containing only the four pieces that can be adjusted to the size needed.

In past times, the biggest piece of the cleaning pie was mechanical action, or elbow grease usually involving scrub brushes. Next, was the choice of chemistry or chemical (typically soap made from animal or some other fats) in the cleaning process. Hot water was the third consideration in the older scenario as it was always used in cleaning followed last by time.

Time Chemistry and Mechanical Action… over time…

As time has progressed down through the decades, soap has changed to detergent, or man-made chemistry which has allowed for adjustments in the cleaning wheel. Detergents have created more efficient ways to utilize the cleaning wheel in addressing different soil substances to be cleaned. Because of the detergent changes, the amount of water is valued more, the energy needed to heat the water is valued more along with the consideration of the types of surfaces and fabrics that have been manufactured over the years that need to be cleaned.

The earlier cleaning wheel might have been considered a hammer to clean everything, whereas today’s cleaning wheel of constant adjustment is more comparable to a jeweler using small instruments to clean a watch. Although cleaning may be thought of as just cleaning, learning how the cleaning wheel works certainly has advantages when considering the soil that needs to be cleaned. 

Earlier, a cherry pie was mentioned that might make a unique stain considering the red juice or consider dropping ketchup off a French fry on the front of a shirt. Well warm water (temperature) to rinse first followed by an iron type of stain remover (chemistry). A small amount of rubbing the cloth together (mechanical action) while taking the time to ensure complete removal before placing it in the laundry for final cleaning.

in other cases, it is the type of cleaner and being sure you are using the right kind… From looking at what is a neutral cleaner and how it differs from a bacteria based cleaner to even foaming cleaners and dwell time. Consider taking the time to ensure you are using the right product, the right way for the right situation. 

In other areas.

What about applying the cleaning wheel as well as time chemistry and mechanical action to cleaning a bathroom, meat market, produce area, dish room, front sidewalk, check stands, hospital rooms, dining rooms, and receiving areas in Abilene Texas or beyond. Each area gets the adjusted cleaning wheel to clean the area. In current times, paying attention (time) to see what is being cleaned; having the proper tools (mechanical action), access to warm water (temperature) along with the proper cleaning chemicals (chemistry) completes the wheel. Following directions and procedures for applying the cleaning wheel for each area works.

Now, taking time to follow proper protocols established using the cleaning wheel is a key solution to environmentally sensitive cleaning.

An Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning FAQ From ProfitMax Chemical. What are environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions that have worked for you in the past or present? Please feel free to share with us.

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