What is Protein Residue? A ProfitMax Chemical FAQ regarding the build up found on sinks. For quick consideration, Protein films require alkaline cleaners.

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What is Protein Residue? FAQ

Protein residue is a film or build up found on sinks and other surfaces.

It negatively effects proper sanitizing checks and promotes unsanitary surfaces used for food prep and cleaning.
There at least seven major kinds of soil that need attention in cleaning. Of the seven soils of primary concern regard proteins and biofilms. In the food industry, proteins are by far the most difficult soils to remove. Food proteins range from more simple proteins, which are easy to remove, to more complex proteins, which are very difficult to remove. Heat-denatured proteins can be extremely difficult.

Generally, a highly alkaline detergent with dissolving properties is required to remove protein soils. Wetting agents can also be used to increase the wetability and suspendability of proteins. Protein films require alkaline cleaners that have hypochlorite in addition to wetting agents.

Under certain conditions, microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, and molds) can form invisible films (biofilms) on surfaces. These types of biofilms can be difficult to remove and usually require cleaners as well as sanitizers with strong oxidizing properties.

Ultimately, protein residue and biofilm that is left on sinks and other surfaces negatively effects proper sanitizing checks and promotes unsanitary surfaces used for food prep and cleaning. And on the sink topics, consider reviewing this FAQ that asks Do you really need to train a dishwasher? or Why is the shrimp in the sanitizer sink?

As these two types of soils are the main types faced in food production, proper cleaning steps must be followed to stay on top of the proteins and biofilms on a consistent basis to provide clean production areas for food preparation. Properly applied basic steps to cleaning with consistency contributes to healthy food for human consumption. To ignore the steps without a consistent cleaning program utilizing especially formulated chemicals such as manufactured by Sunburst Chemicals, is to contribute to food that is not being prepared on food safe surfaces. Unwelcome situations arise when proper cleaning and sanitizing are inconsistently delivered.

Though the proteins and biofilms are ever present in the part of food prep, truly these two soils are managed most effectively when a proper, preventive cleaning program is implemented in a consistent manner throughout food production areas. These production environments deserve sensitive cleaning solutions to all preparation areas to prevent any negative effects from occurring to all preparers and consumers alike.
For instance, best practices involve cleaning sinks or surfaces in production areas between different food preps to avoid protein residue. Changes in food being prepared means cleaning in between as well.

For more FAQ’s covering topics like Why do bacteria cleaners take longer and answers regarding time and chemistry mechanical actions, please see those pages.

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So, consider, In most cases, Protein Residue or protein films require alkaline cleaners