So What is a neutral cleaner? A ProfitMax Chemical Cleaning FAQ  about types of cleaners and the topic of an upcoming ProfitMax Chemical Podcast.
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What is a neutral cleaner? A ProfitMax Chemical Cleaning FAQ discussing different types of cleaners

Quickly summarized when it comes to types of cleaners, a neutral cleaner is neither too acidic or too caustic. It is used primarily on waxed floors or other surfaces that are lightly soiled.

The idea that a neutral cleaner can maintain its neutrality in the face of many light soils much like Switzerland did during World War 2. Just like a country that offers only a nonaggressive participant during wartime, neutral cleaners offer just that – a detergent designed to not be aggressive when faced with a minor cleanup on aisle 9 or waiting area at an airport. And it can be used with light personal protective equipment (PPE) when something needs to be mopped up quickly.

To understand the term neutral or neutral cleaner, consider that detergent cleaners are designed to work within a pH range of 0 through 14. As most neutral cleaners are right at the 7.0 on the pH measurement, these products are not considered weak nor are they considered strong. They hover in the middle of the pH spectrum waiting again for the general spill clean up using the mop or floor scrubber.

They are considered non-hazardous so won’t hurt anyone unless there are of course allergic skin reactions.

The acidic chemicals which fall between 0 and 6.9  pH, take care of soils that are more mineral based issues as opposed to the alkaline or caustic chemicals that are designed to remove more organic grease and carbon based soils. The pH on alkaline or caustic chemicals (base) technically ranges from 7.1 to 14 pH on the pH scale.

Now, a couple of consistent neutral cleaners in the market now are Sunburst Chemical’s solid products ironically named, Neutral Cleaner and Sunburst Chemicals “designed-for-the-environment” (Dfe) product, Solid Green 78 Glass & Neutral Cleaner. Both are designed with neutrality in mind. These cleaning product is in a larger container as it is more designed for larger horizontal flat surfaces that have a finish on them.

So, using the Sunburst Chemical’s proprietary dispenser, it can be dispensed in a large floor scrubber machine for the large retail shopping areas, and it won’t hurt the finish. Summarily, the Solid Green 78 Glass & Neutral Cleaner (SG78) though packaged in a smaller container can be used for not only the floors, but also on glass, mirrors, and scanners. We are digging in to some more of this on the ProfitMax Chemical Podcast in the coming weeks.

SG78 will not have the “flash” or “sparkle” of some of the straight up glass cleaners, but it will do the job at a very economical cost.

Again, no wars are being fought in the neutral areas of our world and neutral cleaners are not any different. They will perform their task adequately and economically for that everyday general cleanup that doesn’t require aggressive action.
This also comes in to play with foam cleaners and dwell time. Taking the time to let the cleaner work so it requires less action and less work on your part.

Consider these neutral cleaners as an easier adaptable to way to take care of the everyday accidental spills.

Grabbing a chemical because it may be strong and appropriate in production areas may result in damage to the surface to be cleaned requiring more intensive restoration than just a plain mopping.

So, what is ProfitMax Chemical trying to summarize here about chemical cleaners? Understand that the neutrality of these products provides a safe, environmentally sensitive cleaning solution in the nonproductive areas of the locations where it serves.

More FAQ’s addressing questions like.. Why do bacteria cleaners take longer?  as well as explaining how time chemistry and mechanical action in cleaning are available on the site. Blogs are also on the cleaning solutions website that go into more detail about how bacteria-based cleaners work naturally as well as an array of other topics too.

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What is a neutral cleaner?