Why do bacteria cleaners take longer? One of the ProfitMax Chemical Cleaning Solutions Questions from the PMChem FAQs
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Why do bacteria cleaners take longer?

It can be said that bacteria-based cleaners can take longer compared with regular cleaning chemicals when its due to the amount of soil type needing to be removed and the surface type needing to be cleaned.

Bacteria-based cleaners are considered new or innovative additions to the cleaning world.
Primary factors effecting the cleaning cycle include:
and the amount of soil to be removed.

And we note, not all bacterias are good or cleaners. We discuss Listeria or Listeria monocytogenes in this FAQ. Not a cleaner at all.

Depending on these factors, bacteria-based innovative methods can prove to be quicker initially, cheaper, and more thorough than more commonly used staple cleaning products. In effect, bacteria-based products can continue to clean long after the cleaning is done and thus do take longer as they continue to clean.

Chemical-based cleaning products are often mass-produced resulting in the emission of harmful gases and are non-renewable as they are manufactured from chemicals.

For chemical-based cleaning products classified as hazardous, care should be taken to avoid unnecessary consequences on the environment, humans, pets and even the useful microbes.
Since it is the bacteria that remains on surfaces awaiting reactivation by water and agitation, these Sunburst bacteria-based products continue to work effectively to remove stubborn stains or soils on various deeper and more porous surfaces; like for example, a concrete surface with deep rooted pores.

Considerations and debates such as these…

seem to suggest that bacteria-based cleaners provide more environmentally sensitive cleaning options while appearing to be slower to clean. In the long run however, bacteria-based cleaners can be more thorough as the bacteria left behind continues to clean, help reduce odors and decompose deeper rooted soils. However, these are not neutral cleaners. Here you can learn what is a neutral cleaner and how they work.
Nature has given us tools that work naturally to clean and sanitize the earth. – Brian Bluhm – CEO and Founder of ProfitMax Chemical.

For more of an in depth article, feel free to visit the ProfitMax Chemical Blog titled Bacteria-Based cleaners work naturally. 

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Why do bacteria cleaners take longer?